Short List of (Mobile) Latin Resources

In the same vein as yesterday’s post, I am going to list some digital resources that I have been using to improve (or at least keep up to date) my Latin. For me, the Greek resources are a little more efficacious than the digital resources I use for Latin for a few reasons: 1) my Greek level is lower so drilling grammar is still very useful 2) Latin dictionaries are way more user-friendly than Greek lexicons. Nevertheless I have several digital applications that I find to be extremely useful.

Vice Verba by Ludicrous software (Android and iOS) – This is a conjugation driller that I used extensively after taking a year off of Latin studies in college. There are 5 verbs from which to choose (all 4 conjugations as well as the 3rdIO) and it gives you tests in batches of ten questions. There are both conjugation questions and parsing questions and, better yet, for newer students you can set parameters on what kind of verbs you’ll be dealing with (for example: only subjunctive passive 2nd conjugation verbs). There is also nothing to lose in trying it as it is free.

SPQR by Paul Hudson (Android and iOS) – Branded as ‘The #1 Latin Android App’ I waas expecting a lot. And it delivered (for the most part). This app has a large library of Latin authors and texts (and some built in translations of them) as well as an integrated dictionary. This allows the student to read, say, Ovid’s Met book 2 anywhere even when one doesn’t have the vocabulary to tackle it outright. This is wonderful as it allows one to rapidly work through complicated texts without having to fish through a dictionary four times per sentence. The only downside is the app costs 5.49, but it is worth every penny.


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